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Practice English

18. listopadu 2010 
I´d like to practice English by talking and writing. Wouldn´t you? I am not so good in English, but I used English in my previous work and I would like to practice it during my maternity holiday.

So, I decided to open new subject - to talk and write only English. Mothers with each level of English knowledge are welcome.

12. lis 2010 v 15:53  • Odpověz
hi, i guess i can say i use english on daily bases, but im not good in writting :unamused: but if you dont mind that, ill like to join this group :grinning:
12. lis 2010 v 16:35  • Odpověz
You´re welcome!
12. lis 2010 ve 20:10  • Odpověz
@veruska007 Why not.... it looks like a good idea, hopefully we will not learn our mistakes from each other.... :slight_smile:
By the way I thing that english people will use a maternity leave (not a holiday - that would be just czech goverment thinking about that time as a holiday, probably too old men to know what it is realy like) . :wink:
13. lis 2010 v 17:24  • Odpověz
yes they use maternity leave. in the matter affect , they realy have a leave... In US they have normaly maternity leave 6 weeks (starting with the day of labor) and it least 4-6 weeks. which to me is a ,,leave,,
should apreciatte for our socialistic system :wink:
13. lis 2010 ve 21:21  • Odpověz
Hello. good idea to use english here. In my previous work I used only economical english so I am not good at "normal english conversation" ...
13. lis 2010 ve 21:50  • Odpověz
@mamkamarketa what exactly means that phrase "in the matter of affect" It did not give me much sense.... I never heard that one anywhere. The closest I heard was a " In a matter of fact".

Anyway, we just can´t keep talking about the maternity leave.... Any idea about what topic the conversation just should be?
14. lis 2010 v 08:38  • Odpověz
@lanka yes, sorry my fault. :wink:
14. lis 2010 v 09:08  • Odpověz
Nothing to be sorry for.... I just wanted to know if it is something I have not heard about.
I believe that is why this discusion were started - to improve or at least keep the same level of english. :sweat_smile:
14. lis 2010 v 09:12  • Odpověz
I vote for talking, writing, improving and practicing English. I worked as psychologist, but I worked on international psychological projects. But I am almost 2 years at home and my English is worse and worse every day :confounded: . So, I´d like to write and talk and think in English :wink:.

My son got English computer for babies - so we practice English together. Unfortunatelly, there are only about forty words, some numbers... I need to practice much more.

Maybe, could you tell me about your´s previous jobs and sth. about you...?
(and, if you could, tell me, if I write something wrong, thanks).

So, I will be short...

I worked as traffic psychologist in Brno. Now I am on maternity leave. But in 4 months I am going back to work. I wanted to stay at home for longer time with my sons - 1,5 year old Honzik and baby, Jakoubek. Unfortunatelly, Jakoubek was born very early and he died. So, I have to return back to work. I look forward to go back to work, because it is difficult to spend all the day at home with my older boy, and still thinking about my pregnancy, Jakoubek´s birth and death. I need to do something. I wanted to be pregnant again as soon as possible, but I am not. I feel that I need to do something to practice my mind and use my knowledges. I am sorry for Honzik, but he loves children and he looks forward to go to nursery with them... He spends one day per week in Vesnenka - something like kindergarden for children from the age of 1 and he is very happy there... so i hope it will be better for both of us.
14. lis 2010 ve 13:17  • Odpověz
@veruska007 That is where I did not wanted to venture......
Openly for anyone revealing personal information.
If we want to keep it open for anyone I am not willing to reveal too much of the personal dates. Once we are happy talking together we could swich to locked discusion, go on writing in english and revealing anything without worries. But that would prevent us getting a new "faces"

Back to me I do have an experience in working for foreign company on the ground of CZ where the important leaders were not talking czech at all, and english only poorly. So it has been a rather difficult.
Before that, I used to work in office at UK taking orders from customers all over the english speaking word like Canada, USA, Australia, even Japan. The most difficult accent to me were Scotish. They been the hardest to understand.
And if I go even more to the past, that would be the job of au-pair, and office working in CZ.

So the writing is the worst knowledge I have from my other english skills. I´m far better at listening, speaking, or even a gramar to my wonder.

Right now it is a maternity leave just as anyone else :slight_smile: and right now it seems that the maternity leave will be prolonged once more. If everything goes right.

What if we switch the theme to something less personal (in case I´m not the only one caring about my security on the word wide web) Let´s put the question:
About what was the book you last read, did you like it or you even did not finish?
Or does anyone have any other idea?
15. lis 2010 v 10:48  • Odpověz
I use to work as a waitress :unamused: but my husband is from Texas (both explain why im better in talking than writting :sweat_smile: )
my son is statring to talk (usually it takes longer if the baby has 2 languages) but mostly he talks in english (his favourite is babytv channel) which makes my parents realy upsad :frowning2:

@veruska007 realy sorry to hear that :frowning2:
15. lis 2010 v 11:27  • Odpověz
Hi it has frozen here a bit :grinning:
And now what - I do see what could be improved in the mamkamarketa text, I´m just kind of not keen on doing it publicly. So has anyone any idea how to point up the mistakes and not to embarass that person?

18. lis 2010 v 09:44  • Odpověz
Téma bylo zamčeno adminem. Není možné přidávat další odpovědi.