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Angličtina, aneb vracíme se do práce

31. prosince 2013 
@uztotakbude What makes this group personally? No já myslím, že by to mohlo být, co udělat tuto skupinu soukromou?
5. říj 2013 v 15:16  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@llluckaaa super, thanks -)
5. říj 2013 v 15:16  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@pindruscha Now, I understand, thank you very much -)
5. říj 2013 v 15:17  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
Hi ladies, my name is Sabina. I am 35. I live in Odolena Voda, it's small town near Prague. I have one son, his name is Jindřich, he is 3,5 years old. With my husband we would like another baby. Can I connect to your group?
5. říj 2013 v 15:46  •  2 děti  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 I believe you that beeing dating with the native speaker is the best practising and the cheapest:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: joking:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
5. říj 2013 v 16:13  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (2)
@audi1986 Aha. What does it mean? What is a private group?
5. říj 2013 v 16:29  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi there, there is a website http://www.langmaster.com/lmcom/com/web/en-gb/pages/free-language-online.aspx Online English lessons for free. I would say that it's the best online course I've seen so far :sunglasses:
5. říj 2013 v 16:38  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Quite an interesting discussion :slight_smile: I have learned English since high school (it means since prima - I attended eight-year high school)...but as @uztotakbude told we chanded several teachers sometimes during studies. Our best teacher unfortunately died of cancer in first year of high school (=kvinta) and then for 2 years it was quite a tragedy. I got a big motivattion for learning in possibility of passing FCE exam...but I was a coward and I gave it up few months before the final exam :frowning2: (because the term collided with a term of school boating trip...and I also was not sure I am so good for passing It - I had (and still have) a big problem with listening and there was a condition to pass the exam doing at least 50 percent of each part).

Then at university I had two years of business English -and the final exam was pretty hard but I passed it succesfully somehow! And fortunatelly oral part of exam was much easier than a level at high school :slight_smile:

(I have to admit that I used translate.google.com in several cases during writing this long article...so do I in work while writing easy mails in English to clients :sunglasses: )
5. říj 2013 v 17:11  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Today I think my biggest problem is vocabulary...I forgot a lot since leaving university :frowning2: Listening is also still a problem but this I do not use so much (I do not make calls in English and if yes, only simple calls with foreign speakers - Italian, Serbian - and their English is at the same or worse level than mine).
5. říj 2013 v 17:19  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi ladies, would you like someone to correct your writings? :wink:
I`m Jana, 33, I hope I`ll be a proud mum in May, I`m expecting my first child. I teach English in Brno. I lived and worked in London for 3 years and then I passed a CPE, but originally I`m a history teacher.
There is a similar topic on Slovak version of MK, but this one looks good, too.
5. říj 2013 v 17:34  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@uztotakbude that means, you can closed it only for small group
5. říj 2013 v 19:08  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@bajana I Think your help is reálly appreciated:slight_smile:
5. říj 2013 v 19:08  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@bajana Hi, I would be very glad if you correct my English :slight_smile:
5. říj 2013 v 19:56  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@bajana Hi, I would be very glad too -)
6. říj 2013 v 08:52  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hello ladies how are you doing this morning?:slight_smile:
6. říj 2013 v 09:41  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hello, we were by the sea or ocean today, it was great - 25 degrees and a lot of sun. Beutiful day -)
6. říj 2013 v 18:59  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi ladies, my English is not very good, but I´d like to speak with somebody to make it better (in fact, i have no big problems with speaking and understanding, but my writing is horrible). I am 29 years old, live in Prague, have one 22 months old daughter and will have another one in ca. 5 weeks :slight_smile:
6. říj 2013 v 19:14  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
Hello all, it seems to me it is a little bit sleeping here Now.
@jenny.kay Hello and welcome:slight_smile:
7. říj 2013 v 09:35  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi. How are you today?
7. říj 2013 v 10:46  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
I was with a dog the doctor. Everything turned out well. I have lunch meat and fries now.
7. říj 2013 v 10:48  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@jenny.kay Hello, I have totally opposite problem :grinning: , my writing isn´t perfect, but my speaking is terrible :grinning:
@uztotakbude Hi, what happened to your dog?
7. říj 2013 ve 13:04  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@camelinka My dog ​​has a bad leg. He dislocated his finger.
7. říj 2013 ve 13:25  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude Ouch! I hope, he will be ok soon :wink: . We have our dogs for more than 6 years and they haven´t any problems, but we have a little guinea pig and since then we are at the vet frequently :rolling_eyes:
7. říj 2013 ve 13:33  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@camelinka My dog has 55 kg. He has giant breed. Often injured. It has a sick hip.
7. říj 2013 ve 13:40  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude wow, he´s really big :wink: :confused: ! Large breeds tend to have a lot of problems with the locomotive apparatus :frowning2: . On the other hand, my chihuahuas are almost without teeth :sweat_smile: :grinning: :pensive: .
7. říj 2013 ve 13:46  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@camelinka What is chihuahuas? Most translate itself. But this I know.
7. říj 2013 ve 14:02  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude I meant 2 dogs- Chihuahua breed :wink:
7. říj 2013 ve 14:06  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@camelinka My speaking is Ok, because I like watching movies in English, read English books (not now, with a small daughter is this impossible) and as I was at work, I visited an English course, where you had to speak with native speakers. This was really great. But my writing is a catastrophe :frowning2: And you are a soldier? This is really great! I admire soldiers and women the most! As I was about 14 years old, I wanted to go to an "army secondary school" (really don´t know, how is the right name), but my physical condition is very poor :frowning2: So I am economist.
7. říj 2013 v 15:24  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@adelka21 Thank you for welcoming!
7. říj 2013 v 15:24  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@jenny.kay I understand,and I´m envious :wink: I like watching movies and series in original version, but with subtitles, because it´s very fast for my brain :grinning: and indeed, speaking with native speakers is the best for learning :wink: . And as I see, your writing is absolutely ok :wink:
Aaw thank you, I really liked my job and I hope I can return after maternity leave. I met my husband at military secondary school, so army is my "heart thing" :slight_smile: . And it´s pity, you should try it! My physical condition was poor too, but at school in Brno, it wasn´t difficult, almost a year, I was at paratroopers unit, nothing good for women :grinning: and now, we are at Caslav´s airbase, so it´s like holidays :grinning:
Where are you from?
7. říj 2013 v 18:24  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
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