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Angličtina, aneb vracíme se do práce

31. prosince 2013 
@perishka Hello, what do you do in England?
11. říj 2013 v 09:45  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@perishka Hello, I think all of us are here to keep (maybe deep) our english skills. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
11. říj 2013 v 09:51  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@perishka I livie in Brno as you can read on my profile. I would like to "refresh" my English, especially vocabulary. It´s about 4 years I left university and I see that I forgot a lot :´-( But I have small motivation to do something with it by myself. I must submit I am too lazy :frowning2: But I have one big personal resolution: to improve my English during maternity leave (but nowadays I am not even pregnant :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:)
11. říj 2013 v 09:53  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@adelka21 Well, not sure if writing can improve your English skills to level, when you can start speaking fluently. It will definitely help you with writing though. So what do you like to do in your free time? I've noticed, that you have a beautiful little girl... :slight_smile: I bet, she's keeping you busy all the time.
@audi1986 I work for a big international company as currency specialist, helping businesses in the UK to deal with foreign exchange. What about you?
11. říj 2013 v 09:58  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@ninive211 Improve English on maternity leave is not good idea -)) I know it very well -))
11. říj 2013 v 10:02  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@perishka I am on maternity leave with my son Filip -)
11. říj 2013 v 10:02  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@ninive211 Haha, very funny. At least you've got more time to ''play with'' :slight_smile:, getting pregnant + being pregnant + maternity leave gives you plenty of time to practise...
I have the same issue like you. I used to be very fluent in German. Since I started living in the UK, I haven't spoken any German. Unfortunately I am unable to communicate, appart from saing ''Hello, how are you'' ''My name is'' ''Can I have ... please?'' I still understand, what they say, but I can't remember some basic words to be able to respond :confounded: ...
11. říj 2013 v 10:13  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@audi1986 Lovely! How old is Filip? And are you planning another baby? :slight_smile:
11. říj 2013 v 10:14  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@perishka Yes, u are right, my cute little princess keeps me busy the whole day but I don't complain:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I would need to practise speaking as well but not Now.....maybe Later I will také Some english lesson:slight_smile: I Am not saying I couldn't speak english but everytime u can improve something, don't you:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: English people understand me and I understand them, it is important:slight_smile:
11. říj 2013 ve 13:20  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
‘’Every time you can improve something, can’t you’’
Of course, it’s important when people understand you and that you can lead at least some conversations. It takes time and lots of practicing to get confident. I am still struggling, even though I speak English at least 12 hours a day. Some days are better than others. Keep on it and never give up!
11. říj 2013 ve 14:38  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@perishka Filip is 10 mounths old, and I don´t plan second baby or I am not planning second baby? My husband is 38 years old and I think he is too old for second baby, when Filip will have 15 my husband will have 52 and it is not good -) my father is 47 years old now and I spent a lot of nice time with him, because he was young father for me -)
11. říj 2013 v 16:10  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
hello girls, we are back at home and here is nobody.
14. říj 2013 ve 13:15  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
Did our english conversation finish already?:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So sooner Than I expected.... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Ladies doesn't matter our grammar is not 100% perfect, who cares? We can have fun with our english and at least we can not argue so often and hard as in another topics:slight_smile: cos we can't xpress ourselfes in english So well :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
17. říj 2013 ve 13:35  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@adelka21 I am here, but very very busy last days -)) But I visit now english lessons and it is super for me -)
17. říj 2013 ve 20:47  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
I am happy to hear you are enjoying your english lesson, to be honest I think about some skype english lesson...does anyone have an experience with this type of english lessons? :wink:
18. říj 2013 v 07:49  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@adelka21 I have no expirience with skype lessons, what is it?
18. říj 2013 v 15:37  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Good evening girls, I would like to join you, if you don`t mind...I am 35 years old, have one daughter 2 years old. It is challenging to write in english, I have forgotten a lot and written english is of course more difficult then only speaking..Skype lessons - I have no experiences either, but my sister in law is giving german skype lessons, so it obviously work... by everyone..
18. říj 2013 v 18:05  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hello, it is So quiet here......anyway I wish u Happy new year:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
31. pro 2013 ve 23:06  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hello, I wish to everyone Happy new year too! :slight_smile:
31. pro 2013 ve 23:48  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
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