English language on maternity leave - AJ na MD

Zdravim vsechny. Jsem na MD a obavam se, ze zapomenu vse, co jsem z tohoto jazyku umela (no, zas tak moc toho nebylo 😃).
Proto mne napadlo, co tady zalozit takove kecani v AJ. Bohuzel, tim jak jsem 3 roky nemluvila, mam trosku blok a mozna bych byla radsi, kdyby sem nekdo anglicky psal a ja bych si to cetla🙂 ne, proste, zkusme si povidat a vymenit si sve typy ohledne AJ a pokud tady bude nekdo extra chytry, at nam nase chyby opravuje🙂
Takze nazhavte http://www.slovnik.cz/ 🙂

If there is some mother from England od USA (or another country) who want to write here also it would be great! 😉

So - let´s talk!
My name is Hanka, before my maternity leave I have worked as secretary. I have two daughters and live in Prague.
My hobbits are (were🙂 theatre, cinemas and movies, cycling, yoga and reading the books.
I would like to improve my english - mostly the bussines part of it (how to write letters about invoices, credit notes, agreements etc.)
24. říj 2011
Hi girls, I am back here. Last few days we spent at my parent´s house. My son was elated - new environment and everybody paid an attention to him 😃 He explored staircase a started to walk (while holding a furniture).

You have written so many things!
As for the question about privat/open discussion I sincerely confess that I am not a fan of revealing personal details on the internet. If it stays open, I would share less informations, if it is closed, I would share something more. But for me this is an English exercise above all, so I am able to work with both eventualities 😉

You have really motivated me to read an English books again! I have got some in my bookcase and my memory is so poor that I wouldn´t mind to read them again. I´ll probably start with After the quake by Haruki Murakami. He is not an easy one (at least in my eyes) but understanding to written text is my stronger point (contrary to speaking and grammar 😞 ).

@hlavinka I love detective stories too, especially by Raymond Chandler and lately Stieg Larsson. And don´t worry, when I read an English book for the first time, it was so tiring that I was not able to finish even the first page 😉

@babsiegirl I see you are feeling better now! That´s great! The flu jab is not common among young people in Czech republic and I do not consider it at all. But the epidemiologic situation in GB can be different... So I would rely on your gynecologist´s advice. And the weight: In my first pregnancy I put on two kilograms during first three months. I gave birth one month pre-term and had 20 kilograms on. Now I have gained one kilogram.

@blandik wish you quick recovery 🙂
24. říj 2011
@choco - oh, I did not notice there was even a discussion here whether to close this discussion as private...well, i do not mind any of the possibilites. If open, more people can join later on. If closed we could share more personal data...Actually, I was just wondering, if you ever stayed in an english speaking country?well, this is actually a question on how you learnt English so well...I am sorrry, I guess you discussed that topic already, but I probably skipped that...
To be honest, I am very gratefull for this topic, I missed English very much as the last three years I did not spent a single hour over some English stuff, so it feels like a welcome revival to me..And it is not easy to find some place and people to talk about someting, as I wrote I tried helpforenglish, but it is rather for teenagers, a complete different way of thinking..
I like Poirot as well, never read but like to watch, all the English nobelty, poshy houses...smell of old times...Well, I liked very much Kane and Abel (Jeffry Archer), Angella's Ashes {Frank McCourt], Memoirs of Geisha {Golden] - this was a really nice book, much better than the movie, Trust me /Pearse}

@hlavinka - if you want some easy book to read and you do not mind the topic - you can read - Bridged JOnes' Diary - easy English. I even liked Harry Potter 😉
25. říj 2011
@choco Welcome home🙂
It is good that you had nice time at your parents🙂
Of course we chated a lot, you are lucky that we did not speak Czech, you would have heavy to read us😃

Have you already read (in Czech) the new writer Lars Kepler? Great! He wrote an Hypnotist and Paganinni´s agreement - the second one I am reading now. I really suggest.

@blandik You are right, if you don´t know any Englishman personaly, it is bad:-( I used to write the letters with an American guy, It was quite good, but it was only one letter per month. So I think everyday use is the best.
Thank you for your recommandation - I have seen the Bridged Jones also in the bookshop and I considered to buy it..Maybe next time.

I have one question - the book I am reading now names " And then there were none" (10 malych cernousku in Czech) - why is used "were" and no "was"? None - it means zadny or ani jeden, and it is singular, isn´t it? Yes, I know that they used it right, but if I would translate this, I would use "was".
Thank you.
25. říj 2011
http://www.modrykonik.cz/diskuse/tema/let-s-talk/ I found our personal theme, so we can go there, can´t we? If sb. new wanna join us she/he can write me....
25. říj 2011
@hlavinka oh I hope I won't be in labour for three days like you were (and coincidently my mum when she gave birth to me as well!) And how did you cope with natural birth? I take it you didn't have epidural then? I'm still thinking about this. The hospital where I'm going to be giving birth has got two units - standard one and the new one which is all lovely and pretty for natural birth. I think I will go for natural birth to start with, have gas and air and if it gets two much I can always ask for epidural. 😉 That's my plan anyway 🙂
Our dog's name is Czecha (no praticular reason 😃), best thing is that my husband came up with that name even before we got her from the dog rescue centre and we didn't know what kind of dog we were going to end up with 🙂 She's my furry baby 🙂I will post a piccy of her up here later so you know what she looks like. Have you got any animals at home?

@blandik 5 hour labour and three pushes?? I'd love to have a short and painless labour but everybody's different so I will just have to wait and see. 😎
I know what you mean when you say that you started talking to yourself and thinking in english so early 🙂 You just can't help it especially when you're eager to do your best. Sometimes I struggle to come up with czech words when speaking Czech! Once I was in the car with my mum talking to her and for the love of god I couldn't think of the word that was very cruicial for that particular conversation. My mum just looked at me pretty much in disgust 😃 Sorry mum, can't help it..

@choco welcome back! we missed you here! How are you feeling? Yep, I'm full of energy again - it was about time! What about you? Have you had your scan? How did it go? Hope all is well 🙂 oh and have you thought of the names yet? Sorry about all the questions, I'm just really excited to have someone who's in the same stage of pregnancy as me 😃
25. říj 2011
hi girls may I join you? only sometimes as I have two children and a third one on the way 😃 I studied english and german at Ostrava University, so I knew english quite well but nowadays I feel very unsure
25. říj 2011
@lajla welcome! Oh, you have 2 kids and now you are pregnant? So early? huuu, I admire you!
What was your job before ML (maternity leave)?
We set private theme so I will get you an access.
1. pro 2011
@hlavinka Hi there, do you mind if I join you girls? I have been reading through your conversations and was very much interested in joing in.... only to find out that it has turned into a private session. 😞 Please let me in 🙂
2. pro 2011
@anrebcz Hi, I will write you down to the list, so you can join us🙂 Please write us something about yourself. See you 😉

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