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English language on maternity leave - AJ na MD

2. prosince 2011 
@choco hehe, well, I'm not a short ass either and my hubby is the same hight as me so I expect the baby to be slightly taller than average :slight_smile: If it was due on 16th apr it wouldn't add up coz that would mean we would have concieved 1 week before my last period :D My other friend who is due in two weeks is in exactly the same situation. They are both quite tall so baby's not going to be tiny either :D
@blandik I really like the sound of that book Respect and to be respected? Who wrote it? In all fairness, we raised our dog in a very similar way (I know it's awful to compare the child upbringing with the dog training but I can see lot if similarities from what you said). We already had a discussion with my husband to confirm what we're going to be doing - everything will be explained to our child, basicaly nothing more than radical way of thinking.. So hopefully we're not going to be far off :D
@hlavinka does your friend know somebody who's a lorry driver and goes to UK quite a lot? or someone who goes to UK by car? If she's got some friends in UK already it may be worth asking. Even if it is somebody elses friend - she could give them some cash to take the stuff to england.. It would be certainly much cheaper than having it transported by plane!! Or worst case scenario find out how much it would be to post it by DHL?
20. říj 2011 ve 14:03  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl No, she does not know anybody:frowning2: She has only a husband who lives in UK (but he is Czech) and that is all:frowning2: She will see, she is on her 9tt now, so she has a planty of time to solve it.

See this: http://www.dobre-knihy.cz/detail-135627/respektovat-a-byt-respektovan-kolektiv-autoru-pod-vedkarla-vaclavika.htm
20. říj 2011 ve 14:28  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka ooh thanks that's great - I might get it when I'm in CZ at Christmas :slight_smile: THat is a shame about your friend.. So much stuff that she could save money on. Well she may come up with something, like you say, she's got plenty of time :slight_smile:
20. říj 2011 v 15:04  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl You are welcome:slight_smile: You can buy the book everywhere, it is popular, so they have it.

And how about the names? Did you talk about it with your husband already? I know it is early, but we talked about it on the beginning also:slight_smile:
20. říj 2011 v 15:13  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka Well, few names have been mentioned but I think we'll leave it once we know what the baby's gonna be. But to be honest, it is so difficult to come up with the name for a boy! Although Steve's got three, which one of I'm not sure about at all :slight_smile: I'm not going to say what they are for now but I will keep you updated :slight_smile:
20. říj 2011 v 15:21  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl I agree with you - boy´s names are not so easy chosen, we had this problem too. But some English names sound better than Czech names (George - yes, Jiri - no, Christopher yes, Krystof no etc...)
So, good luck and let us know!:slight_smile:
20. říj 2011 v 19:00  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl - actually i heard that the approches from Rabr (respektovat...) work really nice even with dogs...so it makes me often laugh when i see retired people scolding their dogs, shouting strict orders..i always imagine them doing that to their children..the book is written by four czech psychologists (Pavel Kopřiva, Taťána Kopřivová Jana Nováčková and the last one I do not remember, but you can easily find it on the Internet). The book goes in great detail of communication - what is effective and what is not, explains emotions, criticises punishments or rewards and appraisals( odměny a pochvaly) and insted of an obedient child aspires to raising up a responsible child...I believe that not many people have a real prospect of what their bringing up will look like and definitely cannot imagine what an angry toddler can do with an adult..
@hlavinka - My experience is that I cannot try to supress my anger (by counting to ten or anyhow else), I just have to kind of delegate some responsibility for his doings to the child, or take some more time to think of his motives, or to understand that it is quite hard for a toddler for example to wear a jacket at home a feel hot - so i do not argue (I do not try to force my idea of things) but only say - ok, you do not want to take your jacket, so we will take it with us and see downstairs - adding some general info - it is winter outhere, very cold, we need warm clothes to keep warm...But it took me more than a year to understand and more apply in my attitude - that it is all about respect, about respecting someone else's idea of things, even if infantile..and not about using formulas to make the child do what I want...that the objective is not that the child obeys me {but sure with a toddler it is kind of different, there must be some tricks used to even move forward..].

I know it very well with boys' names - we could not find any either, so in the end we chose Michal, as we used to call our baby in my belly Misko Bříško, and this name matches nice his surname..but is nothing really special in these days - when people call their babies - Mikulář, Bruno, Hugo - at least these are real mates of our son in kindergarten :sunglasses:
20. říj 2011 v 19:44  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik I can not supress my anger too, so I have to count:grinning: because other way I will shout on my baby:frowning2:

Today I am going to see my friend so I will not be able to write here, maybe in the evening.
Have a nice day, girsl!
21. říj 2011 v 09:08  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik Hugo - I think - poor boy...But you know - Bruno Fidelius is worse :grinning: ( :frowning2: )
21. říj 2011 v 09:09  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik thank you for the info @hlavinka also sent me a link so I will definitelly have a look around when I'm in Czech. Can I just say, I think your english is very good :wink: You have good choice of words :slight_smile: So keep it up! :slight_smile: Yep, some baby names can be honestly horrible and I do feel for poor child with a bad name. Kids at school/preschool can be big bullies and cruel to those ones with unfortunate names. I went through the same experience (Barbora Brambora) my maiden name is Florianova so toothpaste Flora etc. I remember I was about 9 and boys took a mick out of my name and I completely lost it! I threw a big plank of wood at them and then ran off into the fields.. :grinning:

@hlavinka It is true that sometimes English names sound better but when you live in the country you get the same problem. Some names are so popular that you call out for you child in the park and about 12 kids will come running towards you. E.g. I really liked name Joshua, but honestly, every other child is called Josh.
:unamused: So that would be a no go :slight_smile:
21. říj 2011 v 10:11  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka I just had a look at your croche hats - I wish I'd have time and patience to do that! Well, winter's coming so I might get time to do some hand crafting :D How long have you been crocheing for?
21. říj 2011 v 10:20  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl Oh, Joshua is really nice! I like also like it:slight_smile: Yes, we had the same problem with name Tereza - we wanted but everybody has Tereza now, so we decided for Adelka and Magdalenka. Adelka is also common now, but not so much as Tereza.

Oh, thanks:slight_smile: I have crocheted (is it regular, isn´t it?) for more than 20 years (I have learnt it when I was about 8 year). First I crocheted for the dolls.
One hat takes me about two hours (one movie in TV) and it is really good job for the winter time, I suggest it very much to you:slight_smile:

@blandik Hmmm, Blandik really speaks good English and use the phrases :wink: I don´t know yet :frowning2: ... I am very happy to learn from you!!!! (both) :dizzy_face: But I am little bit sad that I am not so good in English. I use only simple sentences and don´t know the complicated (or colloquial/common) words or turns....
And @choco speaks very well too, I am the worst here (and that is why I based this theme to improve my English :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
21. říj 2011 v 16:48  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka - oh come on dear, your English is really good, I am not the one to judge it, as I never lived there nor do I have any friends upthere, but It makes me no problem to understand what you are talking about, and your flow of words seems natural to me.
English used to be my hobby at university, I used to teach it for a while, but only part time after work. And actually after finishing my first job (working for Israeli owners of one factory) which did not satisfy my desire to do translations, I determined to move to Prague, find a job in some law firm :wink: and work as a sort of translator (quite daring as I did not study English at university, plus I am not a lawyer either) but then a different job came down my path and I just took courses on legal english by Mrs. Chromá in Prague , commuting to Prague every week. I loved that. Now I do translations for one law firm and occasional translations in the company I work for.
Actually, it was reading that helped me a lot to learn English, I read many, many books, without looking up of unknown words, just reading...I remember my first book was Frankenstein, a really hard book to read as it was written in 18..someting, most of the time I did get just a faint idea of what it was about I understood one whole sentence per page on general /though the novelist managed three or four sentences per page..)..

I also disliked my name - Blanka - could you image the hallo in the clasroom when teacher wrote a sentence on the blackboard sounding: Kachny mají mezi prsty plovací blány, or when going over cells in Biology - I always suffered a hell when teacher used blána instead of membrána :wink:
21. říj 2011 v 17:26  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka I tell you what, you speak much better english than many people that live here in UK (and trust me, those people have been living here for few years now)... My hubby would be impressed with you and so am I. Even your determination to brush it up.. I admire that.. That is what brought me to UK - as I said earlier.. As @blandik said - reading is very good. Don't waste time looking up the words in dictionary, just keep on reading and eventually the word will make sence from the context. Other thing that helped me was TV series "Friends". I watched that all the time (and I still do to this date because I will never get tired of the jokes). In fact telly in general. the more I watched it the more I learnt. and then browsing the english websites etc... I'd say try and surround yourself with as much stuff relating to english as possible and it will come.. This website was a really good idea! Well done! xx
21. říj 2011 v 17:51  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl - and how do you feel?Do you have any morning sickensses?
21. říj 2011 v 18:19  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Girls, you are so kind on me:slight_smile: Thanks a lot and most thank you for the advices:slight_smile: I write to Jezisek to bring me some english book:slight_smile:

@blandik Ma name is Hanka, and I dont´t think it is the right name for child - Hana - it is so hard. All my childhood I wished name Magdalena. But my mum said: it is bad name, bla, bla...So she disgusted me this name for a while. But now I am very happy to give this name to my daughter.
And yes, it was funny - membrana - blana :grinning: No, I understand you well, children can be bad:frowning2: As adults we can laught at it, as children we cried...
Anyway, Blanka is nice name, I like it:slight_smile:

And what law firm do you work for? I worked as an assistant for one, and I met my hubby (really like this vocabulary @babsiegirl) there. He works for the firm till these days. he is a lawyer so he had to study the Legal English from Mrs. Chroma....
So do you have university diploma from the english language?

@babsiegirl The Friends is my favourite serial! I watched it for my pregnancy, first and the second (first I watched more than later, I had more free time). But we have it in Czech. But as you wrote, the jokes are able to seen many many times and never palls.
Who is your favourite person? I like Chandler (Muriel:grinning:) and Rachel. But every part is different and sometimes I like Joey more, sometimes Ross....But yes, Chandler is the best:slight_smile:

Oh, I wanted to ask you - do you think already in english? When did it come?

To your advices: yes, the reading would be great but I am not sure how I would learn the words/phrases if I would not find it in vocabulary? And I think I need to talk, talk and talk, or practise, practise, practise in real life! Writen english is OK, you have time to think up and sometimes look fot the right word into a vocabulary, if you are not sure....I am very sorry that I have never stayed in English speaking country:frowning2:

Good night, girls, hope see you on weekend too. Bye
21. říj 2011 ve 20:18  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka - oh, i do not work for a law firm, I just do translations for them. I work for a forwarding company, and one of my tasks are translations :wink: I did not study English at university...
You know I tried many things when reading books - to look up words, to underline words I do not know, to underline words I liked but I am not sure about, to ignore words i do not know - but the best thing is to find such an interesting book that you will long to read it all at once, and looking up or underlining would just be an annoying activity, obstruction to get to know more about the plot...and once you read more books, your vocabulary will broaden, so will your grammar improve, without any big effort, you can have fun and learn at the same time. I just love it in Prague, there are so many bookshops with great offer of English books, unlike here in Ostrava :frowning2:
21. říj 2011 ve 20:52  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik Of course, I wrote it wrong. And do you know the name of the law firm you translate for (your company translates)? We are http://www.prkpartners.cz/en
23. říj 2011 v 09:52  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik I like also to underline the words:slight_smile: But I don´t think it would be much helpful:-/ Yes, I looked up the words, but it just obstructed...
23. říj 2011 v 10:05  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi @blandik! Luckily I'm over the morning sickness stage and I feel 100% as off last weekend. I didn't throw up once during those first three months, I just kept heaving and feeling queezy all the time. Luckily that stage of pregnancy is past me now and I can actualy do stuff. I can't believe how tired I was, I just led by the fireplace all weekend and had Steve to run around me like a headless chicken :D Bless him, he was really good to me then and still is although I feel so much better. I can take a dog for a walk and I have energy left to do all the cooking, cleaning, washing and another dog walk in the afternoon :D So all is well.

@hlavinka Oh I love them all - Joey is really funny and stupid (have you seen the one where Phoebe tries to teach him French?) That must be my favourite one! Chandler is hillarious too, but put them alltogether and you're constantly laughing!
To your question if I think in english - it is sad but I do. I even dream in english, talk to myself in english, talk to my dog when there's nobody else around in english (our dog knows some czech though as well - e. g. pujdeme ven? We only say it in czech to her because if we would have tought her "do you wanna go walkies" then everybody would just get her excited for no reason - people can't help it. Especially people that don't have dogs - they wind them up, dogs think they are going out for a walk and then nothing happens. How dissapointing.

GIRLS can I be a bit nosy and ask you how much weight did you put on in first three months of your pregnancies? I started on 56kg and last weekend I was 59.7kg. That's nearly 4kg in three months. I though most people didn't start to put any weight on until after 3 months? Although I'm quite tall (178cm) I'm probably catchin up with what I shoul be haha :grinning:
23. říj 2011 v 17:56  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl I fleshed up 30 kg for all the pregn. it was approx. 1 kg per week....so, in the end of the first period I had about 5 kg more. I started on 60, then I had 90 :sweat_smile: now, 3 months after childbirth I have 70 kg. and it was the same during my first pregnancy as well.
And I had the same feeling as you - I didn't throw up once during those first three months, I just kept heaving and feeling queezy all the time.
23. říj 2011 v 19:24  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka - the company I work for as an employee is a forwarding company, meaning they arrange for cargoes to be delivered/transhipped to some place on time...So I do not much of translations, it is not my full-time job. It just come occasionally once a month or so...

@babsiegirl - oh, i do think that you are just cathching up with your weight (not sure if it makes sense). Well, I lost four kiloes in the first trimestr. I was 84, lost to 80 and ended up with 96, and when released from hospital I was back to 83...Oh, girls you are both so thin, how do you do that?
And i was not sick at all, not even once during pregnancy. But was tired like hell, and also quite bad tempered the first trimestr- let say moody.

And how was your weekend? I just spent it at home, trying to cure myself, my son and getting to know that my hubby's got ill too.
23. říj 2011 ve 21:05  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka hehe, that is probably where it is going all wrong - we're not throwing up therefore we are putting the weight on :grinning: Well, If it is good for the baby then why not! :slight_smile:
@blandik Wow how did you manage to leave all your preg. weight in hospital after giving birth? :astonished: Yeah, my husband suffers a bit as well with my mood swings but he doesn't take it seriously at all.
Weekend was good, we went shopping on Sat and then Sunday we stayed at home most of the time, chilled out, Steve watched football (Man Utd Supporter), I was taking some photographs for my assignment (that's if I actually get myself to put it together! :grinning: )
I'm sorry to hear that you're and your family are not feeling well. Luckily I'm feeling good but I just had a letter from my doctors inviting me to have a flu jab but I'm not sure if I should go or not.. Did you have yours when you were pregnant?
24. říj 2011 v 11:16  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik aha, I understand now. Thanks. But it perhaps can be a nice change, can´t be?

Now I am not thin:frowning2: My normal weight is 60, so I still have to loose 10 kg:frowning2: I alwasy had 60, not less. But it is ok for me.

On saturday we rode the horses - me and Adelka (Adelka rode the small one) and on sunday we were on horse racing and later in childrens club where was little dancing for kids, Adelka liked it very much. But the weather could be better:frowning2:
And do you feel better now? And how is your son now? Get well soon!:slight_smile:
24. říj 2011 v 11:17  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl - I would definitely not get any vaccination while being pregnant (do they use it for people too, or only for animnals - the word to vaccinate?) - as it quite significantly invades your immune system. With babies it sometimes even leads to autismus, hyperactivity etc...But I am not a doctor...
Well, I had lots of water in my belly - our bed turned into pool when it burst and it kept flowing till I Miska was born...I had a big, big belly..And after the labour, it is a real shock, so much work, I stayed in hospital for seven days, was pretty stressed out (finally I got to understand my girlfriends who kind of warned of not being so suprised after the little is born, that I might be really down - and I was, no milk for five days, the fifht day I got milk, they just started the "light therapy" with MIska, as he had "zloutenka"...I was desperate seeing him under the machine, with his eyes covered, trying to move to find food...So lots of the gained kiloes you loose just with the delivery..

And what is the assignment about - sounds like to attend some course/school?

@hlavinka - that sounds wonderfully, I would like to take MIska to some puppet theatre once we are well again...I managed to make a place for displaying MIska's drawing - on our kitchen table
24. říj 2011 ve 13:15  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Girsl, what would you say if we set this theme as private and if somebody would want to write here he wouls ask first? I am going to ask admin what to do if we want this.

@babsiegirl What kind of dog do you have? And do you remember when did you think or dream in english for the first time? It is very interesting thing...I can not imagine it how it is possible. You are Czech and use Czech language for cca 30 years and now you turn thinking in English. I know that depends oncountry where you live in or with, but I still wonder:slight_smile:
24. říj 2011 ve 13:26  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik thank you for you input, yes you can use word vaccine for humans as well :slight_smile: I really don't know they say that flu jab is recommended to pregnant women so I found a discussion here on MK about it and apparently it shouldn't effect the baby. I really don't know, I should probably weight all pros and cons, find out what the effects are on the baby if you do get a flu.. I might discuss it with my midwife which I'm seing next week. oh and 7 day in hospital, is quite a long time isn't it.. Poor you, you must have had some experience when you gave birth then! I'm not sure how long they keep you in hospital for over here in UK when baby has jaundice but I know for sure that if all is well, they will send you home as soon as possible, sometimes even the same day! :astonished:

@hlavinka we have a cross breed of Border collie, Staffi, and lots of other things I think - I wanted to do DNA test on her (just a swab of her suliva) to find out what exactly she is! :slight_smile: But it costs around £ 60.00.
I can't remember when exactly was the first time I started dreaming/thinking in english but I kow it wasn't very long after I met my husband. probably about a year into our relationship... When you live with english speaking person and you talk to them all the time and you're surrounded by english 99 of time then it comes naturally. :wink:

Hmm, I don't mind if this is open or closed discussion - I'll leave that up to you ladies :slight_smile: I'm easy going :slight_smile:
24. říj 2011 ve 13:43  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl - oh no, my delivery was very fine, peaceful, not hurting much. I had contraction for some five hours, and I pushed three times and our baby was there...Just he had jauntice (zloutenka,I just recalled the word), so they put him under the light the fifth and the sixth day, the seventh we went home. Usually you stay in hospital three or four days, four is the most usual time.
I did not want to mistify you, I do not know anyting about flu jabs, I just talked about vaccines generally, as I went trhough eczema with Michal, when he was a baby, so I do know that vaccination (at least with babies) is very demanding and not that kosher as they promote generally. My hubby's cousin has got a kid, in whom autism started to develop after vaccination...Doctors denying such aftereffects here, however, there are lots of kids with such aftereffects, I know two such kids....

@babsiegirl - I started to talk to myself and think in English after couple of months when I was in Denmark, it was really funny...I liked that. Even when I read a lot in English here in Czech Rep. and was fully emersed in english, I had English sentences souding in my head...Maternity leave expulged them .
24. říj 2011 ve 14:21  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl We stayed at hospital for three days with Majda (the second), but I was able to go home the similiar day as she was born.
For the first time - we spent one week in hospital because I was really badly insured and did not have so much milk at the beginning, so we had to stay there. Firts delivery was terrible - almost 3 days, but second was fine - only 11 hrs. I had agreed one midwife (I paid her) and it was much better than first delivery. No drugs, everything was natural, if Majda did not go down she adviced me some locations of my self and then it went quickly.

Oh, so she must be very nice dog girl:slight_smile: (what is her name?)

I bought 2 english books today afternoon. One is Sex in the city and second is something by Agatha Cristie (btw Agatha and her Poirot is my favourite detective story, and Sherlock Holmes as well). But I don´t know, I do not understand almost anything:astonished: :frowning2:
24. říj 2011 v 18:54  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
OK, we can leave it as it was till now...We will stay here (I don ´t think that anybody want to struggle to read our chatting in English to learn st. about us.

Good night...
24. říj 2011 v 18:57  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
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