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Angličtina, aneb vracíme se do práce

31. prosince 2013 
@pindruscha My 5 year old son attends now an English course in kindergarten. I do not think he will learn much but probably it will be easier to study English later at school.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:07  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@pindruscha He is lovely :dizzy_face:
PS: Petr Macháček is also name of my brother-in-law :grinning:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:09  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hm, tak tady se budu učit anglicky...ovšem zase mi to srazilo sebevědomí. Jak je možné, že každý umí jazyky lépe, než já? :grinning:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:10  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@pindruscha I was teaching pre-school kids and to be honest, it always seemed as a money trap for parents. I mean -- you can teach them how to count to ten, colours, songs, animals, but that's pretty much it and their parents pay shitload money for that -- and it's not worth it. what makes sense are international kindergartens where children are in multilingual society and use English all the time. but one hour per is waste of money -- the only positive effect can be that child learns that there are foreign languages as well and when he/she starts to learn properly, he/she is more motivated....
5. říj 2013 ve 13:12  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (2)
Ok girls, I´m going to watch my currently most popular series Arrow ( I have many addictions :grinning: ), highly recommended :wink: :sunglasses: . Thanks for nice talk, see ya :wink:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:13  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude spis se tady chytly holky, ktery anglicky umi, neztracej nadseni :slight_smile: a zkus to, cos napsala cesky, napsat anglicky, neni to tezky. doslova:
jak je to mozne, ze kazdy umi mluvit anglicky lepe nez ja?
5. říj 2013 ve 13:14  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude Don´t be sad. The one who doesn´t speak Enlish doesn´t write to this discussion :wink:
I definitely don´t speak English as well as I wished to and as I used to :frowning2: I am getting worse and worse :cry:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:17  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@llluckaaa I think learning English in early years is more motivating than anything else. Children probably forget everything soon and usually at school they will start from the beginning anyway. BUT they learn, that English is FUN, that learning is meaningful. That is the point of learning English at early age for me, I don't want to advertise here, but I know, that Wattsenglish language school is doing very good job in this. They specialise on very young learners, run courses in kinderkardens and in the first and second years in primar schools and they have got fabulous results - u can check on them on their youtube videos and webpages.
The world is small, isn't it? And my first name is Petra - we are Petr and Petra :slight_smile:)
5. říj 2013 ve 13:18  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude Don't be sad and do not give up! Try some of the webpages, practise writing in Englishhere and soon you will see that your English improves!
5. říj 2013 ve 13:20  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@dora13 No chybí mi prostě hlavně slovní zásoba. Musím hodně koukat do slovníku.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:20  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@pindruscha well, I'm not that sure about that. I've been learning English since I was ten and biggest motivation was when I went to England when I was 16. Ever since I was studying hard and managed to get to the level where I'm now...Children don't give a shit until they realize that English is not only an annoying school subject but also a very useful thing that people all around the world use to communicate to each other. But this is a topic for a veeery long discussion I guess :slight_smile:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:22  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
5. říj 2013 ve 13:22  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude zkus to. neboj se. za chyby ti hlavu nikdo neutrhne. co na tom, ze se musis divat hodne do slovniku?
5. říj 2013 ve 13:23  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 Well, as I wrote earlier, we cannot expect, that a 3-year-old kid will learn like a 10-year-old or like us. Learning at young age should show kids the sense of the language, that it is fun and to motivate them. They are just learning their mother tongue, strugling with it sometimes, so colours, songs, numbers are good. Even we don't see it, they develop in more areas thanks to English too.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:26  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude It´s ok, don´t give up :wink: (takovej google translate, to je věc :sunglasses: , někdy se hodí :wink: )
5. říj 2013 ve 13:27  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@uztotakbude Holky mají pravdu. Já se taky musím dívat do slovníku, nejsi v tom sama :wink: . Buď ráda, že jsou tu holky, které umí dobře a můžou nás táhnout a něco naučit :slight_smile:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:27  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (2)
@pindruscha In general I agree with you. But as I was working in language industry for years, I also see that sometimes it is really only money trap for parents who want to give their children the best they can -- and it doesn't seem very fair to me.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:30  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@dora13 I know what u mean, I've been learning English for about 17 years - I don't think I've stopped eventhough I've got CAE and State exam. I think, that it happens, because kids are pushed at school to learn without fun, then they stop being interested. But when they learn it is fun and that the main purpose is to communicate then they can stay motivated till they become teens - at that age they stop being interested in everything. Unfortunatelly most of the Czech teachers punish children for making mistakes, push them in learning hundreds of words, drill grammar too much and in very boring ways, don't play with them, then kids lose their motivation very soon. :(
5. říj 2013 ve 13:34  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@llluckaaa Jé, to já jsem ráda a moc. Už jen tím čtením a koukáním do slovníku se člověk učí.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:35  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 Yes, sometimes the English courses for kids are only "moneytraps" for parents. But I think, there are also courses which are very effective and parents get what they paid for.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:36  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude Stop writing in Czech! :slight_smile:) Try it in English :wink:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:37  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@uztotakbude To jo. Hlavně je to zábavnější, když je to živá diskuze.
You are right. And it is more fun to study English in such live discussion.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:41  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
I'm sorry, I probably started quite complicated topic. :/ It is very hard to discuss it even in Czech. :zipper_mouth:
So, let's move on, what about YOUR HOBBIES, ladies? Have you got any?
5. říj 2013 ve 13:41  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@pindruscha you're absolutely right about Czech school system -- the biggest problem there is that English teachers at primary have very bad English and therefore are not able to teach in a funny and motivating way. What a shame. What I was talking more about was language schools etc -- that from my point of view for children who are under let's say six or seven, it is a waste of money.

@uztotakbude try to write in English, that's why you started this topic.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:45  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@pindruscha One of my hobbies is for example nutrition. During being at home with children I desided to study it and I graduated in June :dizzy_face:
5. říj 2013 ve 13:46  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@llluckaaa wow, that's interesting. Do you work as a nutrition consultant now?
5. říj 2013 ve 13:50  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 Yes. I am sorry. I am ashamed. I used to.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:51  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@uztotakbude No need to be ashamed. Stop underestimating yourself!
5. říj 2013 ve 13:54  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 Yeh. Thx. I am good. I will teach you.
5. říj 2013 ve 13:55  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@dora13 How long have you been learning English?
5. říj 2013 ve 13:57  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
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