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English language on maternity leave - AJ na MD

2. prosince 2011 
Zdravim vsechny. Jsem na MD a obavam se, ze zapomenu vse, co jsem z tohoto jazyku umela (no, zas tak moc toho nebylo :grinning:).
Proto mne napadlo, co tady zalozit takove kecani v AJ. Bohuzel, tim jak jsem 3 roky nemluvila, mam trosku blok a mozna bych byla radsi, kdyby sem nekdo anglicky psal a ja bych si to cetla:slight_smile: ne, proste, zkusme si povidat a vymenit si sve typy ohledne AJ a pokud tady bude nekdo extra chytry, at nam nase chyby opravuje:slight_smile:
Takze nazhavte http://www.slovnik.cz/ :slight_smile:

If there is some mother from England od USA (or another country) who want to write here also it would be great! :wink:

So - let´s talk!
My name is Hanka, before my maternity leave I have worked as secretary. I have two daughters and live in Prague.
My hobbits are (were:slight_smile: theatre, cinemas and movies, cycling, yoga and reading the books.
I would like to improve my english - mostly the bussines part of it (how to write letters about invoices, credit notes, agreements etc.)
10. říj 2011 ve 14:00  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
you have to try some english page,,, Bounty. com is good one...
10. říj 2011 ve 14:10  •  1 dítě  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
thanks, of course I will try it, but I thought that it could may good idea to speak here, because we can meet later with sb.
10. říj 2011 ve 14:46  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
sorry, but what mean sb?
10. říj 2011 v 17:13  •  1 dítě  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@papaja249 sorry, somebody in short I meant
10. říj 2011 v 19:57  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
11. říj 2011 v 19:35  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@lanka Hi Ianka, how are you? I see that your kids are almost similarly old as mine. How do you manage your family? (no, ted nevim, zda jsem uzila spravne sloveso manage - mela jsem na mysli jak to zvladas?)
I have to admit that sometimes I feel I will going mad....
What was your job before the children?
11. říj 2011 v 19:57  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
aha, so good luck with it. If you will want to meet me so you have to come visit me in England :slight_smile:. Don't worry, we have a big house... If something i'll looking forward...
11. říj 2011 ve 22:35  •  1 dítě  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@papaja249 And how is yout life in UK? Your husband is English? How long do you live there?
12. říj 2011 ve 13:05  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka @papaja249 Hi Girls, I just thought I'd pop in to say hello and help you to keep this EN conversation flowing :slight_smile: from what I was reading above you all seem to have kids..Awh... :slight_smile: Well I'm not quite in that stage of life but hopefuly I'll get there soon (I'm 12wks preggers :D) So how old are your bambino's?

@papaja249 where abouts in UK do you live?
12. říj 2011 v 16:22  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl Hi! Congratulations! I wish you and your little bean (´cause we say little bean to embryo here in Czech Republic) all the best!
Where do you live? Are you English? Because you have very very good English, so I thing you have to be an English girl:slight_smile: (the world "pop" I heard for the first time).
My first daughter is 3 years old and the second is 3 months.
12. říj 2011 v 19:01  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka hi hlavinka, thank you for your whishes, hehe, it's not so much of a little bean now, about size of a small plum I think :D I'm as Czech as I can be but lived in UK for the last 8.5 years, been with my english boyfriend, now husband for about 5 years, known him for about 7 years though.. hehe..

Awh that is really sweet, so you are quite fresh mum then, only 3 months old! I bet they both keep you busy! Anyway, gotta fly, work's calling :slight_smile: Talk to you later
13. říj 2011 ve 12:28  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl So it is big:grinning: Do you want to know what it will be? I did it and I was happy, that they were two girls.
Oh, so long? Hmm. And where do you come from ?
And what was the first reason to go to England? Do you live in some big city?

Yes, I am busy all the day long, but the evenings are the worst:frowning2: My husband works untill late evening, so everything is on me.
13. říj 2011 v 19:14  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
better is... all long day...I thing
13. říj 2011 v 19:38  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
all the day long :wink:
13. říj 2011 v 19:41  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka All day long :wink:
yes, we both would like to know what it's going to be, we think it makes life easier but whatever it is, we'll be happy :slight_smile:
Originally I'm from south Moravia (little village close to Kyjov) but I spent majority of my life in Pardubice where my mum lives to this day. I don't think I could live in a big city, I'm a country girl (haha) and I like peace and quiet, animals, etc. So city is really not for me. We live in a little village called Great Shefford. The nearest bigger city is Reading or Swindon. It is also about 45mins from Oxford. I first moved to England about 9 months after my A-Levels (english equivalent to maturita :grinning:) because had to use english at work and I didn't think it was good enough - so the plan was to brush up on my language skills, stay here for 6 months and go home. Well, one thing led to another and from 6 months I've been here for over 8 years :sweat_smile: And it looks like I'm going to stay for much longer :D
That is such shame that you don't have your husband around much to help you out, at least you have got steady income and he takes care of all of you that way :slight_smile: What does he do? And where about in Czech do you live?
14. říj 2011 v 09:50  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí (1)
@babsiegirl thanks for correecting me.
My husband is from Znojmo, I am from Prague and we live here. I would like to visit Kyjov and the nearest surroundings.
so do you have a farm in England? goats, ewes etc.? (I lived 1 year in Krusne Hory and took care about the farm animals. It was nice, but hard life - you never have free time or holiday).
And what was your job before pregnancy? I was a secretary in law firm. And there I met my husband - he is a lawyer.
14. říj 2011 v 11:53  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka No wonder your husband is so busy when he's a lawyer :slight_smile:
No we haven't got a farm (wish we had!!!) but I know exactly what a hard life it is to take care of animals! My dad is a jockey, he has horses of his own as well and his life evolves around them! And when I lived in Stavesice near Kyjov we had pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, you name it.. Also fields and fields of potatoes, vine yard, vegetable gardens (massive ones), wine cellar and that was hard work as well. Altghough all this is very time consuming and exhausting, I'd love to be able to do it again. Unfortunately here in England the properties, especially farms are very expensive. We have a nice size house with a garden which is not big enough to grow any veg or fruit in it but we are greatful. you should definitelly go to south of Moravia, Kyjov surroundings are very nice and if you go further south, you will get little villages full of Wine Cellars (Mikulov or Valtice), Palava is beautiful (we went up there on bikes when I still lived in Czech) and I'm going to take my husband there one day :slight_smile: I work in the office (still) for the company that makes software for Car Dealers. It will be few months before I go on my maternity leave :slight_smile:
I must say your English is very good - how long have you been studying? Have you ever been to England?
14. říj 2011 ve 13:07  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@berenika39 :wink:
Hi girls, can I join in? I tried helpforenglish.cz couple of times, but did not like it much, it turned out to be more for teenagers than for mummies on maternity leave. The age difference was aparent.
@babsiegirl - how do you like it upthere? My congratulations to your pregnancy :slight_smile: . When are you bound to deliver? (oh, do they really use this phrase?, it just popped in my head )
@hlavinka - hi, good idea.
14. říj 2011 ve 14:07  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
Hi moms (including the expectant one)! I have one year old boy and I am finishing the third month of my second pregnancy at the same time. I have started to attend an English lessons one month ago. I haven´t used English for eleven years (except for random surfing on the internet) and I´ve decided to do something with it so I could use it when I finish my maternity leave. So I ´d be glad to write here with you sometimes. Every minute I engage in English is helpful. Thanks to hlavinka for so great idea!
14. říj 2011 ve 14:57  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@blandik welcome to the club and thank you for your kind wishes - it was definitelly good idea from @hlavinka to set this chat room up :slight_smile: I'm due on 25th Apr, having my dating scan next week so we'll see what they say :slight_smile:
Life here's not bad but I do miss home every now and then.. BTW good use of english there :slight_smile: like your style girlfriend :D (oh and don't worry, gf over hear doesn't necessarily mean just the relationship boy/girl, but good relationship amongst friends - but you may already know this :slight_smile: )Ever been to UK/US before?
14. říj 2011 v 15:42  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@choco ooh congrats on your second pregnancy! You must be about same as me then.. around 12wks? How are you coping with the morning sickness or are you over that stage now? Wow, only 1yr old boy and you're already preggers again hehe :grinning: You weren't hanging about then :slight_smile: Was that planned? Sorry if I come across rude - you don't have to answer if you don't want to.. I'm just being nosy :D :wink:
14. říj 2011 v 15:48  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl Jesus, I am so stupid - of course it is said: take care of and no about, I know it, but .... Anyway... I know Palava well, we stayed in Mikulov twice and the neighbourhood is beautiful as you wrote. I like the small wine cellar and the old houses - Pavlov is nice village. We rode the bike there, it is not so far from Znojmo.
So you are really farm girl:slight_smile: Yes, it is hard, but I liked it so much. Maybe when I will be old I will buy a house and some animals.
Oh, you father has horses! What a beauty!:slight_smile: I like them, but I rode the horse only about five times at my life. But, this saturday, I am going to ride a big one and my daughter the small one. I look forward to it very much.
Thank you for appreciation of my english, but I don´t thing so - or better told - I understand well to written english, I am sure of my written english more than my spoken. I am afraid to speak that I will make a mistake....Typical problems of people who never stayed abroad. So - I have never been to England or another english speaking country. But I would like to go to British countryside at least for some day.
I have been studying for 7 years in elementary and grammar school and than i visited some short courses, but you know, I am still at intermediate stage.

@blandik Thank you and welcome!
Yes you are right with the english server, but better than nothing. I would like to speak with sb. in real, but nobody is here in my life. My husband speaks perfect German...

@choco Thank you, it is kind of you:slight_smile: I am going to turn red:slight_smile:

Thanks girls, first I was afraid that nobody will come here, but now - it is great! Thanks to all of you!:slight_smile:

And as you wrote @choco, every minute counts:slight_smile:
14. říj 2011 v 16:14  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka You sound like my kind of a person! Country life's good and we all know it! That is exactly my pla.. One day, I'd like to buy a house with lots of land, have horses, grow my veg, get out more. People are so busy these days watching TV, playing computer games, and mainly being so full of themselves that some of our children don't even know where potatoes come from (yes, maybe I'm going over the top now, but you know what I mean). I like being traditional and enjoy outdoors and I'm going to make sure that my child knows how to climb a tree! :grinning: How exciting going horse riding with your little one! Has she ever been before? I'm sure you will enjoy it, plus it is really good for you :slight_smile: Especially if you suffer from back problems! I wouldn't worry about any grammar mistakes - at the end of the day, sometimes I have to correct my husband's spelling and he's the one who should be teaching me! Sometimes, he's trying to think of a word and I have to help him out. As he says, I'm the brain of the family (not sure where that came from!!) and he's the one who does all the manual work :grinning: Haha
14. říj 2011 v 16:47  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl Thanks! Congratulation to you too. I am in the thirteen week now and due on 20th April so actually we are in the same stadium :slight_smile: The sickness is gone for few days, so I feel quite good. As to your question, we were waiting long years for our son (and I am 36), so we tried the second one rather early. I must admit we were surprised that it worked out immediately :slight_smile: I don´t bother how I would manage it - I cant imagine it anyway. And how do you feel? If I understand it well, next week you are going to see your baby for the first time on the ultrasound?
14. říj 2011 v 19:36  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@hlavinka I like your idea of living on farm. I spent two wonderful years living in the mountain homestead ( there were no animals except for two dogs but really huge land with lot of trees). Now we live in town in small family house with small garden - we plant only strawberries, few tomatoes and herbs. I still long for living in nature (or village - at least) and having a big garden but it is not going to happen in next few years. Maybe some day... :slight_smile: And how is your younger daughter? Does she sleep well?
14. říj 2011 v 19:59  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl You are right, the childrens don´t know where does the meet they eat come from...
It´s unusual that me, person always lived in big city, like the countrysside and animals. My husband should love it rather than me, but he don´t. He doesn´t like animals and the dogs most of all. But - he told me - when we will rich, you can have as many horses as you like:slight_smile: so it´s nice. Maybe we will.

@choco Congratulations to your pregnancy also:slight_smile: You are as we were - first we were trying for more than 2 years and the second camed out for the first time (rekne se to tak - vyjit na poprve?) - diky. Aha, I see it - work out, it is the world.
And you are right, nobody can imagine how it will be with 2 kids:astonished:
And where do you live (in CR?)?
Majda - the younger - sleeps well, all the night except 3 or 4 nursing breaks.

Girls, I wish you nice weekend and see you later. :wink:
14. říj 2011 ve 20:17  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl - thank you, I've never been to US/UK, though I would love to...Probably won't make it in this life any more; with a little kid and a husband aroundit is not so easy to resetlle :unamused: Oh, it sounds pathetic, but the truth is that I would love to try it, turn back the time and live in Engand for a while...I spent one year on studies in Denmark, wrote my thesis there, really I had a great time there, liked the people, their attitude to stuff.
@choco - my congratulations to you too. And welcome here.

Hey, I could have been in the same week of pregnancy, but I I had a miscarridge in the 7th week :frowning2: We have been trying to conceive for two years already...I just returned to work a week ago from my maternity leave, my little baby boy goes to kindergarten...He turned three last weekend. I am kind of strugling with finding a real direction in my life. Maternity has brought about such a big need for some work that would make sense, that would be rewarding, that i am not much sure that working in a forwarding company could satisfy me...

To be honest, living on a farm is not really my cup of tea. I would love to live in a house, with a nice big garden, orchand maybe, some herbal bets {?not sure about that word]...My granny used to have lost of animals, fields with potatoes, wheat, corn...It was fun when I was a child, but cannot really imagine speding most of my free time labouring there, being stuck in there, feeding animals every day or haymaking...I is maybe also because my husband used to breed fish, it was a 7days/week work, we could not leave for weekend...So for me - living some little village yes, breeding animals, growing vegs in the field - no way, never ever :confused:
14. říj 2011 ve 22:22  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
@babsiegirl You wrote you miss your family from CR....do you see them sometimes? Do they know you are pragnant?

@blandik I wish I ´d speak only as you do:slight_smile: It is known you have been abroad for some long time...Did you use any other language, when you was in Denmark? German maybe?

Oh, I am very sorry for this:frowning2: I am sure that you will be pragnant soon! Good luck and I wish also you much healt! :wink:
It is difficult to combine the family and the work:frowning2: And please - what does "strugling " mean? Thanks...
15. říj 2011 v 08:43  • Odpověz  •  To se mi líbí
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